SapUI5 Error when filtering by data type BoYesNoEnum


I am adding multiple search filters in my Query App, but the fields of type SAPB1.BoYesNoEnum of the Metadata of the services layer, throw me an error when filtering.

EntitySet BusinessPartners property

<Property Name="Valid" Type="SAPB1.BoYesNoEnum"/>

Filter event:

onSearch: function(oEvent) {
    var oFilterModel = this.getView().getModel("filters");

    var sID = oFilterModel.getProperty("/id");
    var sName = oFilterModel.getProperty("/name");
    var sStatus = oFilterModel.getProperty("/status");
    var aFilters = [];

    if( sID ) {
        aFilters.push( new Filter("CompanyName", FilterOperator.Contains, sID.toUpperCase()) );

    if( sStatus ) {
        aFilters.push( new Filter("Valid", FilterOperator.EQ, sStatus.toUpperCase()) );


Error that Throws

Failed to get contexts for /destinations/miruta/BusinessPartners with start index 0 and length 5 - Error: Unsupported type: SAPB1.BoYesNoEnum
asked by Json 01.01.2019 в 23:49

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