Redirect the data flow through the COM port


I am trying to send information through the serial port of my computer, I understand that to do this in Windows CMD it is necessary to do it in the following way:


However, this only causes the port to open, send the information and then close it again. I am trying to send information through the ZMODEM protocol through the COM port, so I need the port to remain open for communication to be effective. The way in which I send the .EXE file is the following

sz.exe archivo.txt >\.\COM# 

But since the COM port is not open after executing the command, it can not continue data transmission.

Does anyone know how I can leave the COM port open without the need to use a third program since I am developing an entire application for this or if someone knows how to redirect continuously the information that travels through COUT to the serial port?

asked by Jorge A. Garcia-Hernandez 26.12.2018 в 17:16

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