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I have a question about the issue of software licenses, I just finished a program for Android that I asked for a small company, so I am at the point of having to distribute it, but before I would not like to "add" a license to use it, that is, so that they can not distribute it to third parties, copy it, etc.

I have seen that Google offers the library LVL for that purpose, but, since I do not want to upload the app to the Play Store (since I want to distribute it privately) I do not know if it would be possible to use that library by uploading the app to Google Play Console without publishing it.

If not, I would appreciate any help / guidance / advice on how to proceed to obtain or create a license to use.

asked by Alejandro de la Plata Ramos 09.11.2016 в 10:41

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If the application was uploaded to the Google Play Store, the license for private use would not apply.

LVL is the library for verification, but it would not apply since your application would be for private use.

If the application is to be distributed privately, you can configure a channel for private use which is similar to Alpha / Beta Testing, where invitations are sent to certain users but this having the application published in production.

answered by 09.11.2016 / 22:50