Laravel autocompletion does not work in Sublime Text on Windows 10


Hello I present a small problem with this editor, in ubuntu used it and the auto completed laravel was successful apart from autocomplete the code made me the call of class in use /iluminate/response;

I did not have to write so much, it turns out that as I have windows 10 now install it but nothing, it does not do anything to me, right now I have installed atom but it consumes me a lot of ram and CPU usage, some could help me for the autocomplete of laravel in sublimetext .

asked by vdjkelly 27.01.2016 в 20:04

1 answer


You can install the Laravel snippets that appear as Laravel 4 Snippets in the Sublime Package Control. Or you can also use ide-helper Ide helper laravel

Note: to use ide-helper you must have SublimeCodeIntel installed in the editor.

Finally if you want to get the autocomplete of the namespace, you can install PHPCompanion .

answered by 28.01.2016 / 01:25