How can I stop the process and restart the same process if in case the power goes off, web service or the database goes down?


I explain I have an Executable (query) made in c # and mysql what it does is consume 2 services of shipment and another one of consultation of state (details) of what was sent but behind that I register all the operations sent and the queries of the states (details). But it consults me is if the web service that I consume falls in half operation or the internet goes away or some other reason in which the service is not completed but if I manage to send but I do not capture the detail and when he returns from the problem or incident, the service will be restarted with 1 incomplete operation. I try to do a method in which if the operation is not completed, eliminate that process and do it again. I have an idea that is to consult every moment in which if the field of query of states (details) is empty that returns to consult the service but it was not the correct way since it would saturate the service when consulting it every moment. Could you suggest me some idea I hope your help thanks

asked by Dannylo Ramos 24.12.2018 в 07:38

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