Problem in Unity to share on Facebook


I am developing a game in Unity and I have tried to share the game on Facebook, the idea is to upload it on Facebook as a game for Facebook, from the Facebook documentation take the following code:

    new Uri(""),
    callback: ShareCallback

private void ShareCallback (IShareResult result) {
    if (result.Cancelled || !String.IsNullOrEmpty(result.Error)) {
        Debug.Log("ShareLink Error: "+result.Error);
    } else if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(result.PostId)) {
        // Print post identifier of the shared content
    } else {
        // Share succeeded without postID
        Debug.Log("ShareLink success!");

If I upload it to Facebook it does not do anything, absolutely nothing, if I run it in unity it gives me the following error:

If I press the buttons that appear in the error, nothing happens either, I would like to know if someone could do it at some point and if you can guide me in what I am doing wrong.

asked by bob kerman 20.12.2018 в 15:49

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