How to run Google Oauth2 with Vue in dev mode on a PHP server?


I have that problem. I have a server running a system in PHP only with jQuery ... etc. Simple things, but lately I decided to update my site to Vue and I started to make the Login.

My experience with Vue is good, I did it through vue-cli and webpack and I have my dev and my built. But I want to integrate Google Oauth ... I found this google package oauth and it works perfectly.

My problem is that in dev mode I can not see it, as is the operation of Google Oauth. Well run on my localhost: 8080 and not on link

That is, in the dev mode in my localhost the Google Oauth does not work, because it says: Not a valid origin for the client: http://localhost:8080 has not been whitelisted for client ID XXXXXXXXXXXXX

But when I go to build and upload it to my site in /login/ there if it shows.

Any way to see the Google Oauth in dev mode from somewhere on my site? For example:

asked by Jonathan 18.12.2018 в 20:39

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