automate a task with autoit


I am new using autoit, but I need to automate a task with this program.

I need to analyze a formula that is already in a cell in excel and if that formula has a g replace it with an h

this is the formula.

=CONTAR.SI.CONJUNTO('Sct Desarrollo Economico'!$G$6:$G$29;"QUIMICO";'Sct 
 Desarrollo Economico'!$T$6:$T$29;"No aceptable o aceptable con control 

I do not know what code to use to tell you to read that text and if you find a g that changes it by one h.

asked by Manuel Alejandro Garcia Martin 21.12.2018 в 20:41

1 answer


You can use 1 regular expression to locate any 1 character within 1 string (in this case the letter g).

Look for StringRegExp in the help of autoit and you will see how to solve it.

answered by 19.01.2019 в 14:01