Bar Code Reader and Php


I was asked as a job to create a stock control with barcode reader. I would like to know if the application can be done on the web? Or do I have to do it natively obliged mind?

I currently have web knowledge, I have never explored the native environment so I have a lot of ignorance.

My knowledge is: PHP, Angular, nodejs, javascript and I want to learn Ionic to make hybrid applications for cell phones.

Do you know how to integrate the reader in these languages?

asked by Nazareno Ciancaglini 17.12.2018 в 15:00

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You must bear in mind that in order to read a barcode you need specific hardware, you can start with a writing code that works by a kind of commands that it injects, as it were, into the operating system.

  • Connected with USB to the client
  • You must have it configured according to the type of reader (be 2D for PDF417 code or similar codes)
  • Bring the code closer to the reader
  • If you have an entry field in which the cursor is on the or in an excel you will see that the reading is transferred to the document.
  • Web or Mobile

    The answer is depends, you can do it in both ways, everything varies according to the specific need you have.

    What's good?

    As you have web knowledge, it will be very easy to implement a hybrid application with Ionic, since you know Angular, so your learning curve will be much shorter, also, currently in version 4 (Beta) Angular is your most stable customer.

    Hybrid Applications

    Hybrid applications are mobile applications designed in a web programming language, whether HTML5, CSS or JavaScript, together with a framework that allows you to adapt the web view to any view of a mobile device. In other words, they are nothing more than an application built to be used or implemented in different mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone, avoiding the task of creating an application for each operating system.

    Personally I think that, the more solutions we can provide to a client, we will be much more efficient. But, to perform this functionality we must not use a reader, we must develop an application that can read code through its camera, a clear example can be found in the official documentation of ionic

    QR Scanner

    A fast, energy-efficient and highly configurable QR code scanner for Cordova applications.

    Requires Cordova plugin: cordova-plugin-qrscanner .

    For more information, see the QR Scanner Add-on documents: qr code repository

    answered by 17.12.2018 в 15:27