Error in gulp after reinstalling OS


I had problems with the installation of a program (this has nothing to do with my question) and I had no choice but to format and install all the OS and other programs.

I have created a website that uses gulp among other things, and after installing nodejs, npm and gulp I went to modify sections of the web and when executing gulp as I always do, I get an error. Well I've really been a few but I've been finding out why each of them until this last I do not know ... I do not use too much gulp so when reinstalling everything I do not know if I missed a step for my lack of experience with the gulp program, aside a long time ago I installed the entire base structure of the web.

The error is this:

To install all the web project dependency packages use the package.json file so I understand that I install the same packages with the same versions.

asked by Xavi 15.12.2018 в 16:33

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In the end I found what it was, I put the answer in case it happens to someone and it can serve you. It was simply for issue gulp version from version 4.0 incorporates a few modifications incompatible with later versions.

My fault was that I installed gulp in general mode without specifying the version, so I install 4.0, going to the project and uploading the package.json installed version 4.0 in the local project. When the version changed to 3.9.1, the error was fixed.

answered by 16.12.2018 / 01:38