Databases relationships


this database is new to me, I have searched my query before but I messed with the answers because the questions are not the same as mine, maybe similar but I can not relate the answers to my question, because what I leave my query here.

I am developing a video game and the need arises for each user which contains: Email, Nick, ID, Password | I want these users to relate to each other, that is to say friends, but it may be that one is not a friend of the other ("Petition for friendship"). So I thought about creating two lists of friends (those who are friends and those who sent you request).

So the following question arises, how do I create a relationship between users of the same nature?

When creating a new user, a new record is created in a table, so you would have to create another table associated with it. or with the relationships made these tables are created automatically?

I hope to have explained myself clearly. Greetings, and thanks in advance.

asked by Alex Rivas Carrillo 14.12.2018 в 20:50

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