ngrx, StoreModule.forFeature, EffectsModule.forFeature error in subscribe of the component


I am using EffectsModule.forFeature for my SubComponents, in the EffectsModule.RootFeature the data flow works well, but in Feature it sends me an error in the subscribe.

imports: [
    StoreModule.forFeature( 'DevdianState', devdianReducers ),
    EffectsModule.forFeature( effectsArr )

///////////////////////// component.ts //

constructor( public store: Store<DevdianState> ) {}

public ngOnInit() {'flyers')
  .subscribe( flyers => {
      this.avatars = flyers.flyers; ///error, no reconoce flyer
      this.loading_flyers = flyers.loading;
      this.loaded_flyers = flyers.loaded;
      this.error = flyers.error;

  }); new flyersActions.CargarFlyers() );

To better explain the error, reply it to: link

Someone can help me find the why of the error, I have considered several tutorials and I can not find the error.


asked by Raul Cervantes 13.12.2018 в 10:26

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