How to restrict access in an app on android?


I am new programming so you can explain me with pears and apples and maybe add some article so you can read it would be perfect I have researched but can not find anything.

I'm using XAMPP for this project

The app does this:

1) Request username and password to start session (if you do not have registrations)

2) if the access is successful, it sends you to another page where the registration data is returned and there is a box where you are asked for a code to access the content of the app, without that code you can not access

-> This code is provided by me - > The code must be personal -> The code must give temporary access that I should give it below a month or 2 weeks and the person can no longer access (I would decide how long you can use it)

My idea is that this app can be installed on any smartphone, can register and fully access the app from any internet connection.

I would really appreciate it and if you could leave me some articles for me to understand this would be great.

Alomejor you understand what I want to do and know some more optimal solution to do what I want I accept idea.


asked by Briant Ayala 12.12.2018 в 06:03

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