(1/1) FatalErrorException Class 'Rap2hpoutre \ FastExcel \ FastExcel' not found


Hello everyone I have a problem with the fast-excel library in laravel 5.4 .. in my local version it works without problem but in the server I get the following error.


(1/1) FatalErrorException Class 'Rap2hpoutre \ FastExcel \ FastExcel' not found in ExcelController.php line 90

or sometimes depending on the lowercase / uppercase settings you make, it tells me


(1/1) ErrorException Class 'Rap2hpoutre \ FastExcel \ Facades \ FastExcel' not found in AliasLoader.php line 79

in my controller I have at the beginning ...

use Rap2hpoutre\FastExcel\FastExcel.php; 

When I try to call the function I put it like this:

(this is line 90)

$collection = \FastExcel::import($file, function ($line) {

or so:

$collection = (new FastExcel)->import($file, function ($line) {

but still gives error ..

in app / config in aliases I have

'FastExcel' => Rap2hpoutre\Fastexcel\Facades\FastExcel::class,

I do not understand what may be happening ..

asked by Cristhian Manzanares 08.12.2018 в 01:56

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