Database: a table by "section" or a single table with all the capos


My question I think is simple and it is rather theoretical.

I'm designing a database in Access. Basically, each record that contains the information that I need, has as its primary key the document number of the person. Each person will be registered once in the database. The number of fields is 85.

The question is: it is convenient to have a single table with all the fields or divide into several tables, placing in each table the fields of the same "section" of the information and to each table assign the document number as the first key. That is, there would be several related tables from 1 to 1.

In case of dividing the BD into several tables, the relations should be: the first table related to the second, the second to the third, etc. etc. until the end, that is, as a chain. Would it be correct?

asked by Willy616 10.12.2018 в 18:38

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