I do not get results when trying to connect with node-firebird


I've been testing firebird for the first time, using node-firebird to connect, but apparently it seems to connect it does not show any results, it stays on hold without doing anything.

The code is the standard of the documentation, and I have already looked for any reference to a similar error and I have not found any solution.

var Firebird = require('node-firebird');
var options = {};

options.host = '';
options.port = 3050;
options.database = 'E:/DevelopResources/LAB/2013.fdb';
options.user = 'SYSDBA';
options.password = 'masterkey';
options.lowercase_keys = false; // set to true to lowercase keys
options.role = null;            // default
options.pageSize = 4096;        // default when creating database

Firebird.attach(options, function(err, db) {

    if (err)
        throw err;

    // db = DATABASE
    db.query('SELECT * FROM CLIENTE', function(err, result) {

        // IMPORTANT: close the connection


The database works on other clients.

Database "2013.fdb"
Database header page information:
        Flags                   0
        Checksum                12345
        Generation              10501
        Page size               4096
        ODS version             11.0
        Oldest transaction      806
        Oldest active           10471
        Oldest snapshot         10471
        Next transaction        10493
        Bumped transaction      1
        Sequence number         0
        Next attachment ID      44
        Implementation ID       16
        Shadow count            0
        Page buffers            0
        Next header page        0
        Database dialect        3
        Creation date           Jul 10, 2013 10:21:43
        Attributes              force write

    Variable header data:
        Sweep interval:         20000

As I said, I do not know which is a problem because it does not report any type of error.

asked by Indice 13.12.2018 в 20:23

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