Visual Studio + GitLab


I have been working with visual studio 2017 and GitLab as a software repository for a few months, until now everything is more than correct but ... I need to do the following and I do not give the correct way to do it.

I have several repositories (within one of them I have my own framework) and I want to create a submodule within another repository and here comes the problem, every time that Visual Studio made a change within the submodule code, it does not gitlab again (get the fatal error. commit unexpected sequence in output) and when I make a rise in code changing both the main module and the submodule, no error spear, but simply the submodule is not synchronized.

On the other hand, if I open the project submodule and make changes and synchronize the correctly I see the gitlab, but when I open the project that has this as a submodule and synchronize not recovered the push done before ...

What should I do to make the submodule synchronize correctly?

Thank you very much for your help!

Greetings !!

asked by Javi Rodríguez 03.12.2018 в 10:22

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