Arduino Infrared Module does not work


I have a YS-IRTM v3 module, here is the image so you can see it,


I have programmed to use the receiver, I declare some of the Digital pins and everything works perfectly. But when it comes to programming to send the codes to the TV, it does not work for me, I did the test with a normal infrared LED and if it works, but with the module I can not get it to work, this is the program.

 #include <IRLib.h>

IRsend My_Sender;

void setup()

void loop() {

My_Sender.send(SONY,0xa8bca, 20);


This fragment of code is very small, I know that if I manage to do it with this little code I would have a base to make it more elaborate. Another thing is that if they see they are not declared the pins only is the My_Sender, which of the pins should connect the module?

Thanks for any help comments

asked by AndreyC1995 29.11.2018 в 17:43

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