Error when deploying in weblogic


at the moment of starting the deployment and after choosing the war file that I am going to deploy, when I give it next, this error is coming to me:


The selected application could not be accessed


C: \ wls12210 \ user_projects \ domains \ base_domain \ servers \ AdminServer \ tmp.appmergegen_1543536501548_nuevaepsweb.war \ META-INF \ MANIFEST.MF (The system can not find the specified path): probably the string length of the path the file being extracted was too long or failed to overwrite the file

The weblogic is mounted on a server windows server 2012

asked by Alto65Gen 30.11.2018 в 01:14

1 answer


As the size of the path you write is less than 256 characters , chances are you do not have write permissions and it's most convenient to run it as administrator .

If you could not be an administrator, you can define a path to which you have flag permissions :

set JAVA_OPTIONS=-Dweblogic.j2ee.application.tmpDir=c:/temp %JAVA_OPTIONS%
answered by 30.11.2018 в 01:49