Disadvantages with Java projects cloned from GitHub


I am something new in the world in this world, and the question is that I have decided to start using github to keep there the works and projects that I do in eclipse. But now that I clone one of these projects back to my pc I see that now I can not compile it in eclipse (it should be clarified that they should be functional since when the github went up they were fine). What I see is that where the package icon should appear now a normal folder appears, and I think that this is about reporting a problem. I would like to know if by simply cloning these projects from github you have to do something else to be able to open them in eclipse or another IDE.

Attached picture of what I get when I open the project in eclipse. Thanks

asked by Oscar Cely 28.11.2018 в 00:36

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You can look at the icons to know what is happening, simply your src folder is not a code folder. To reproduce your error I will create a folder in a Java project called sdf

for this you must select the root of your project, click on new and select "source folder" or code folder.

In the following dialog you put the path of your folder, in my case sdf

and after completing this step, you will have the option to run your files if they have a main.

answered by 28.12.2018 / 20:02