Error: Attempting to get ownership of a non-object


I'm having the following error when trying to get the value idEtapa in this way $ activity-> stage-> idEtapa.

I have the same error accessing this way: $ activity-> stage ['idEtapa'].

My code is this:

public function GuardarCronograma($actividades, $idConvocatoria)
    Log::debug('-------------------  Cronograma de Actividades  ------------------------');
    foreach ($actividades as $actividad) {
        $cronograma = new ConvocatoriaCronograma;
        $cronograma->idEtapa = $actividad->etapa->idEtapa;
        $cronograma->idConvocatoria = $idConvocatoria;
        $cronograma->idAreaResponsable = $actividad->arearesponsable->idAreaResponsable;
        $cronograma->fechai = $actividad->fechai;
        $cronograma->fechaf = $actividad->fechaf;
        $cronograma->descripcion = $actividad->textactividades;
        Log::debug('- '.$actividad->etapa->nombre.' fi:'.$actividad->fechai.' ff:'.$actividad->fechaf);

Every $ activity looks like this:

I thank you in advance:)

asked by Deyvi De La Cruz 29.11.2018 в 16:39

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