Maintain active session of a parent system while the child system is active?


I have a Java EE system with JBoss that works as the parent of other independent children systems.

The system exists but I must make changes to it and the concept I have is the following.

This parent system has its own session, and when pressing on any menu that calls the other child system, the latter will log in and create a session for the, having 2 active sessions, the father and son. (The child system would be seen within a frame of the parent system).

Seeing how it was that the session of the son system was kept open and it did not expire despite having a maximum time of 30 minutes, this happened because in each call to an action or button, it passed through a method where it updates the parameter LastAccessedTime of the HTTPSession at the time of the last action, so that those 30 of inactivity were always reset in each action. So what I could think of to keep the session of the active parent system, was to pass that parameter LastAccessedTime of the daughter session to the parent session so that it would also be updated and that the parent system would not fall due to inactivity, but apparently there is no method set for it.

So what I need to see, and if you can help me with some form of maintaining the active parent system session, while the child system is being used, and that when the child system expires due to inactivity, the parent system also.

Thank you very much !!!

asked by user3674768 22.11.2018 в 20:21

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