Compare session times between different systems


I have a Java system (A) which provides another system (X) with its data through a webservice. Now the second system wants to be eliminated in the way it works and that is transformed more than anything in a facade. The X system to the following:

The X system is a centralized system that receives information from several systems A, B, C, D from its own modules that consult those systems, apart from having their own modules.

Now you want to remove your own management and that everything depends on the child systems, so that the X system is a mask that calls pseudo direct URLs.

The problem is that each system has its session management in addition to that of the X, so I want to see some way of fulfilling the following although I do not know how:

  • The X system logs with its own credentials. Inside the menu will have access buttons to other systems.
  • When pressing on a system, it will take the credentials of X and log in to the chosen system, be it A, B, C etc, since they will be the same.
  • When you are using a system, you can also stop using it and enter another by keeping the first session open, since they are independent.
  • When one of the child systems is alive, the parent X system will keep the session open.
  • If the session time of all the children is exhausted, the session of X expires.

The problem I have is that I do not know how to make a comparison between the session times in real time of each system (A, B, C, D) in front of the father X system, so that it can realize who expired and who does not.

How could I do that?

The system is done in JAVA, using JBOSS on the server.

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