Webhook php for telegram bot does not give me an answer


I want to make a bot of telegram using php , but when sending a message to the bot no I receive an answer from webhook .

I have a site in infinityfree , the domain edutrack.ml got it in freenom and generates a certificate ssl with cloudfare . My site already tells me that it is safe.

I already redirected my bot to webhook from https://api.telegram.org/bot714292300:AAG3m_Vk96C4KEJmAy50O2ZWurOa******/setWebhook?url=https://edutrack.ml/webhook.php

The code for the webhook that I am using is:

define ('url',"https://api.telegram.org/bot714292300:AAG3m_Vk96C4KEJmAy50O2ZWurOa******/");

$update = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input') ,true);

$chat_id = $update['message']['chat']['id'];
# $chat_id = "43914****";
$name = $update['message']['from']['first_name'];

$message = 'Hi '.$name;


If I run it locally with XAMPP and assign the ID manually (the commented line) when I refresh the page the bot if it sends the greeting to the user (only the Hi ).

I want to know if someone can guide me to make the bot work with the webhook , or if I need to do something, or configure something. Thank you in advance.

asked by Jeovani Marcos Morales Nieto 22.11.2018 в 17:06

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