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I have made a small database in phpmyadmin where I obtain through a form information referring to several books "id, author, name, title, etc". The question is that I want that from a main index.php where the page where the data is obtained can insert a link that collects me the information from another book with another id, which in this case will be the main key. That is to say that from the main index can through links I collect the information from books with another different id.

I have seen that it can be done by passing variables through a link. I have done the following, but I can not get the information from the book with the id in question. '

                <div class='contenedorEnlaces'>

                    <a class='enlaceLibro' href='index.php?id=3'>Primero</a>
asked by Juan 20.11.2018 в 16:37

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