Add MVC to an application (webform)


I am modifying an application (webform), which is a bit difficult for me to handle, since I usually work with mvc.

I'm trying to add System.Web.Mvc to the asp application, through nuget.

in the controller everything works correctly, because when adding the System.Web.Mvc reference my controllers inherit correctly from the controller class.

I have the problem in the views, since the @model directive is not recognized by the compiler. without that I can not pass data to the view (I use it with razor that tb is installed).

Has anyone worked before this way? I know it's something unusual, but I really do not have the option of passing the app originally written in asp to Mvc, and makes it a problem to handle it because of my little experience.

Thanks for reading. Greetings

asked by Luis Gabriel Fabres 20.11.2018 в 22:03

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