ISPconfig3 and Ec2 issues on AWS


I am setting up an infrastructure in AWS in which I am using the ISPconfig panel to be able to more easily manage each instance:

Last Thursday I hired an instance t2.micro I installed the complete server together with the ISPconfig3.1.13 panel (the latest current version) and it goes like the perfect silk in every way.

However last Monday I hired a t2.small instance (basically double the machine) I installed everything exactly the same as in the micro and when I spend a few minutes without using the panel leaving it open in the browser the menu links start to take me to until I reload the website where I get the acceptance of the self signed cetificate.

I have tried to reinstall the panel, reinstall the certificate and even reinstall the entire server; but nothing remains the same.

Has this happened to someone?

asked by Korzan 22.11.2018 в 10:40

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