Modify doc from word launched from the web and stored in BLOB


I need to integrate a text editor into the system I am working on. there is already a .doc word document editor that works like this.

You click on the new document on the page, it uses a program on the PC that manages the word, which opens a word interface where you write and when you save and close it, it is transformed into xml and then blob to save it in the DB. In case of opening a document already saved, it rescues the blob and parsea from xml to doc.

What I need is to do the same thing but now it works in open office, but I can not make the change easily since that manager that does the conversion and manages the word window, is an application in VB6 intended for word and made exclusively for that system.

Is there an alternative to manage doc files and save them in the db in blob format in a less complicated way without losing the opening of the text editor on the PC?

Thank you very much !!

asked by user3674768 16.11.2018 в 01:29

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