Remove a specific text with CSS


I'm making a page with Wordpress and when I create a menu like this (widjet), I create it in this way:

Is there a possibility to remove the ">" with CSS using selectors or something like that?

asked by Sergio AG 18.11.2018 в 00:38

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If you are doing witdget, I would recommend you first review the functions.php script and look up the name of the widget and check either the name of the class or if it has the sign >.

The other way is to look with the option of Google Chrome to inspect and click on the arrow icon with a square and go over the > sign, you can know what kind of CSS that affects it. Once having the name of the class go to the style.css script add the class to the end and add it

display:none !important;  

And voila, the only delay is to know what class affects the sign >

answered by 18.11.2018 в 00:52

Indeed, as the colleague said, the solution I found in the inspector. Selected the icon and looking in the classes that appear on the right I selected the class (of about 2-3 lines of code by the way) that contained the icomoon and others, then I went to the stylesheet and a% was enough display: none;

answered by 18.11.2018 в 01:24