Folder path to external equipment


In a terminal with Windows I have a virtual machine with a CentOS to which from a Java application that I am running from the host machine I am trying to point to an address of a directory that belongs to the CentOS machine.


WalletUtils.generateNewWalletFile (unlockAccountParameter.getPass (), new File (" link "), true );

It does not make sense what it says, because if I look in localhost, I'll look at that physical path in my own machine. The issue is that the virtual machine is like NAT then to enter it I have to use the IP of the physical machine. But I do not know how to ride the route. This is the error


Error: http: \ \ blockchain \ quorum-node \ qdata \ keystore \ UTC - 2018-11-15T10-58-02.314000000Z - 8d64322dad90b67ec831dc8c278255c2a70055a6.json (The file name, directory name or the syntax of the volume label are not correct).

Fixing me on the flaw I've inverted the bars to put the windows bars and not Linux

How could I do it? Should I have an ftp server in the virtual machine so I can access that file?

asked by Eduardo 15.11.2018 в 12:04

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