Depth of queries with Spring Data Neo4j


I'm starting with Neo4j and I'm trying to make a query with the @Query annotation but it only returns the main object and the other related objects return them to null, as I can do to return the other objects.

I leave the example:

@Query("MATCH(u:Usuario)-[:HAS_PERFIL]->(p:Perfil{nombre:'Administrador PMO2'})-[:HAS_FACULTAD]->(f:Facultad) WITH u,p,f RETURN u, p, f, ")

the result is:

"id": 8,
"idUsuario": "1",
"nombre": "Teresa Toledo Jimenez",
"isInterno": false,
"isActivo": true,
"perfiles": [],
asked by Gpalacios 14.11.2018 в 00:59

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