Export data from a query to CSV from Phpmyadmin my


I need to download reports from my host's database. The query brings me more than 5000 data but at the time of export it does not bring all the data, so I have to filter and bring a few data and then join them to create a report Is there a way to download the information in CSV and that it is completely?

asked by Sebastian Castiblanco Anduquía 13.11.2018 в 17:19

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There are several things that I would try. We must start from the base that the export is interrupted by exhaustion of the maximum time (time_limit) or memory.

First, see if you can download by compressing with zip or gzip:

Second, see if increasing the time limit to a very loose time changes the number of rows exported. In config.inc.php add:

$cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 3600;

I do not think the export lasts an hour ...

Third, increase the memory limit. Also in config.inc.php :

$cfg['MemoryLimit'] = '512M';

Fourth, try to save the file locally on the server side instead of sending it to your browser. In the same config.inc.php :

$cfg['SaveDir'] = __DIR__;

That will save the CSV at the root of your PHPMyAdmin installation.

answered by 13.11.2018 в 18:38