In python2.7 how to save data in MySQL captured from an interface


Hello colleagues I have this little doubt about how to save this data in my BD I have my connection

    import mysql.connector
    db = mysql.connector.connect(
        host = "",
        port = "3307",
        user = "root",
        passwd = "123",
 cursor = db.cursor()

As far as I understand, this part of the code is what saves or shows the name in the interface

Nombre = str(self.lineEdit.text())
           print (Nombre)

and I need to save paths of images that would be this part of the code

RutaImagen = (Nombre + "/" + str(int(NumeroCapturas)-1) + "_NoIR_" + Nombre + ".png")
RutaImagen2 = (Nombre + "/" + str(int(NumeroCapturas)-1) + "FPS_" + Nombre + ".png")

Here as a note is that 5 images are saved for each one, so 10 in total, in python how I can save these variables in the database, these data have a Registration (ID)

You are also thinking about saving the Image Path as an array in MySQL but I do not know how viable it is

asked by Dohko19 13.11.2018 в 21:18

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