Unit Tests in an API Web Service


I'm researching how to perform unit tests for a Web API service. It turns out that I already have the method created and the unit test is already mounted fairly well, but when I want to return the result of a service method, I get incompatibility error, because the type that returns the service is HTTPResponse and in the I do not know how I could pick it up.

This is the error that gives me:


Error CS0029 Unable to convert the type implicitly   'System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage' in   'System.Collections.Generic.List' SvcWebAPI_TEST D: \ Users \ jtp \ Source \ Workspace \ SYS \ R + D + i \ SvcWebAPI \ SvcWebAPI_TEST \ ChangeZonatestController.cs

asked by Jose Manuel Talaveron 12.11.2018 в 12:46

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