Good morning everyone!

I find myself carrying out a plan in JMeter for the famous stress tests, although I have already done tests towards Weblogic queues, I have a problem with the MQ type, I had never done it.

I have done the procedure of different tutorials as such, but I have not been successful. These are some of the documents on which I have based:

  • jMeter - JMS Test Plan
  • 10.2 Adding sample from point to point JMS
  • Among others.
  • The configuration I have is the following:

    in the JNDI properties I have the data:

    • queueManager.
    • hostName.
    • port.
    • transportType.
    • queue.QL.QUEUE.IN

    This is the error that throws me at the time of launching the petition:


    Response message: javax.jms.JMSException: Can not send, channel has already failed: tcp: //XX.XX.XX.XX: XXXX

    If someone has made this kind of configuration in JMeter and could help me, really thank you.

    asked by YSCGProJ 12.11.2018 в 20:59

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