get a value from one array inside another (more complex)


I have an array that contains another array like the following:

And I need to get the value of [extra] , but the array can have more than one [#] I also need to differentiate them, I have some breaking my head and can not find a viable option.

In my code I have a foreach that contains the values of the complete array and I destine its options to $c[id], $c[cantidad], $c[base], $c[ingredientes], $c[salsa], $c[extra], $c[opciones] but I have a for that obtains the data but it does not work:

$ing = explode(",", $ingredientes);
//$ong = explode(",", $extras);
for ($i = 0; $i < count($ing); $i++) {
    if ($ing[$i] != "") {
        $query = "SELECT * FROM c_ingredientes WHERE id = " . $ing[$i];
        try {
            $resp = $conn->obtDatos($query);
            if ($conn->filasConsultadas > 0) {
                foreach ($resp as $dts) {
                    $ingrediente = $dts['ingrediente'];
                    //$precio = $dts['precio'] * preg_split('/,/',$canti)[$i]; 
                    $precio = $dts['precio'] * $extras[$i];  
                    //$precio = $dts['precio'] * $canti2[$i];                                      
        } catch (Exception $ex) {
            echo $ex;
        //$temp = preg_split('/,/',$canti)[$i];
        //$temp = $ong[$i];
        echo "<h6>($extras[i]) $ingrediente</h6>";
        $ext.= " " . preg_split('/,/',$canti)[$i] . " " . $ingrediente . "<br>";

        $importe += $precio;

The result of the previous code is this:

There will be more values that will enter the main array and I will have to take their respective extras, how do I make it work?

asked by Juanjose Herrera 12.11.2018 в 20:24

1 answer

$ong = explode(",", $extras);

By decomposing the above and editing the following, I will make it work, within the for edit the following:

$precio = $dts['precio'] * $ong[$i];

and below edit and decompose this:

$temp = $ong[$i];
echo "<h6>($temp$ingrediente</h6>";
answered by 12.11.2018 в 21:09