how to make requests from ajax to python and sqlite


Hi friends, I have a question which I do not know what to use, I'm new to web programming and I know enough to create a web page, what happens is that I want to make an App and using a compiler of code like cordova which allows me to create an App with html5 css3 and javascritp, but I want to do the App using a sqlite3 database, php is used to interact with the database and ajax, but to use php I need an Apache server if I'm not mistaken, then I can not use php in an App, because the App I need it to work without internet that is independent of the web and that's why I want to use sqlite3, my problem is that I do not know that talk use to interact with the database from the mobile.

I used a little python and since python3 does many things among them interact with the database without the need for an apache server, correct me if I'm wrong, then I'd like to know if I'm on the right track, use html5 , css3, jquery, ajax, python3 to interact with sqlite3 database, can I do that? If it is possible ?, as I do the requests from ajax to python3 as if it were php.

Excuse my ignorance and that is why you ask this question to help me, I will be very grateful for your answers and advice.

asked by jhon sanchez 12.11.2018 в 18:55

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