Android add style css and html


I am sending a message on the android.

But I want to send it with style, someone knows how to make me get the css or html. this is the code:

                    .withUsername("[email protected]")
                    .withMailto("[email protected]")
                    .withSubject(" Reporte Nueva carrera --  NUMERO DE VOUCHER " + idSolicitudFin)
                    .withBody( "<html><p style='color:blue;'>Hola EsStackoverflow</p></html>"+ "NUMERO DE VOUCHER ="+ idSolicitudFin)
                    .withOnSuccessCallback(new BackgroundMail.OnSuccessCallback() {
                        public void onSuccess() {
                            //do some magic
                    .withOnFailCallback(new BackgroundMail.OnFailCallback() {
                        public void onFail() {
                            //do some magic

If someone can help me thanks,

a .withBody is the one I want to give the style to

asked by Andres Pèrez 18.11.2018 в 23:28

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