Doubt of routes when uploading laravel to hosting


Good morning I have a problem of routes, in localhost it works perfect but when uploading it to the hosting it gives me error for example I have tried to change 'public/images/' for asset('images/') or for 'images/' or for 'public_html/images/' but nothing. .. Does someone have any idea of what it can be ?? by the way I've uploaded to a hosting that the public folder is called public_html

Driver with routes

if($file) {
           $post = Post::create($request->all());
         //get filename with extension
         $filenamewithextension = $file->getClientOriginalName();

         //get filename without extension
         $filename = pathinfo($filenamewithextension, PATHINFO_FILENAME);

         //get file extension
         $extension = $file->getClientOriginalExtension();

         //filename to store
         $filenametostore = $request->user_id.'-'.$filename.'_'.time().'.'.$extension;
         $post->fill(['file' => $filenametostore])->save();

         $ori = 'public/images/'."$request->di";
          $mini = 'public/images/mini/'."$request->di";
           $minin = 'public/images/minin/'."$request->di";
         //Upload File
         $file->storeAs($ori, $filenametostore);
         $file->storeAs($mini, $filenametostore);
         $file->storeAs($minin, $filenametostore);

         $tmini = 'storage/images/mini/'."$request->di".'/';
          $tminin = 'storage/images/minin/'."$request->di".'/';
         //Resize image
         $thumbnailpath = public_path("$tmini"."$filenametostore");
         $img = Image::make($thumbnailpath)->resize(null, 200, function($constraint) {
             //Resize image perfil
             $thumbnailpat = public_path("$tminin"."$filenametostore");
             $imgn = Image::make($thumbnailpat)->resize(null, 200, function($constraint) {
            })->resizeCanvas(200, 200 );


Are both the 'public/images/' and the 'storage/images/mini/'

asked by jorge 11.11.2018 в 19:56

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