More than 4 attributes in an path


I have a problem. I need to have four parameters in my route, so that it looks like this.


First I was successful when I used only three parameters on the route, like this:


but now that I need to use one more parameter, when I run the site in Visual Studio, when I put the mouse over some button and look down in the browser, they all redirect to the index view of home regardless of what a button is, a menu of the navbar, etc.

What may be happening.

That way I have the route configured.

routes.MapRoute( name: "Default", url: "{controller}/{action}/{id}/{id2}/{id3}/{id4}", defaults: new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional, id2 = UrlParameter.Optional, id3 = UrlParameter.Optional, id4 = UrlParameter.Optional } );

asked by Alvaro Morales 11.11.2018 в 11:04

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