TextArea in Angular JS does not work in Internet Explorer 11


I have the following problem in my angular code js, where the texarea has a required attribute and no matter what you enter, the validation will never happen. It is important to mention that this only happens with Internet Explorer 11

    <div class="row mt50 ">
    <p>{{'PMO_RESUMEACSO_HEADER' | translate}}</p>
      <div ng-class="{'pmo-error': showError('resumeACSO')}">
      <textarea ng-model="currentModel().ResumeACSO" required name="resumeACSO" class="form-control textarea" placeholder="{{'PMO_RESUMEACSO_PLACEHOLDER' | translate}}">{{currentModel().ResumeACSO}}</textarea>           
       <span ng-show="showError('resumeACSO')">
            {{'ERROR_MSG_REQUIRED' | translate}}
    <p>{{'PMO_RESUMEACSO_FOOTER' | translate}}</p>

asked by Miguel Benedit 27.09.2018 в 22:16

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