CMD executes tasks in a separate window, how to do it so that it can be executed again in the main window?


Working with Django in the CMD suddenly now executes all the processes in a separate window causing several inconveniences. I need you to do them again in the original window as you always did.
 I chose to illustrate the case the typical " runserver" function. The images speak for themselves:
that's how it used to work

This is how it works currently

The images are only to illustrate the problem but correspond to 2 different pc's. This cussed me in one of them and I can not find how to solve it. I have no memory of having made any drastic changes or updates.

I want to tell you that I had some news about this issue, although I have not been able to find the "crux" of the matter, there have still been advances. I told them so I can help someone who happens the same or try between the interested parties to get to the bottom of this problem.

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled Python 3.5 and the problem was solved momentarily. That leads me to observe that the problem has to do with some configuration of python and not with something related to Django as I initially thought.
  • The developments that I have in a separate environment (with virtualenv) continued to be executed in a separate window as well. The standard projects returned to normal.
  • After trying to install Pillow - > pip install Pillow . This is executed in the main CMD window normally, at the end of the installation there is an error referred to "zlib is required disabled with the --disable-zlib flag." (something like that). After this everything runs in a separate window again ...
  • In the python installation executable I choose to repair the installation - > commands return to normal. pip commands are still in a separate window.

This is the main thing, I do not want to expand with minor details. I'm already frustrated.

asked by Cristianjs19 28.06.2016 в 11:00

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Try with:

start /B runserver

If this does not work, it's that you create a new window explicitly somewhere.

answered by 18.10.2016 в 12:07

As it is commented, in the virtual environments that you have been creating for each project you still have the problem.

To solve it, I propose that you create a new virtual environment for each project and install the necessary in each new environment.

answered by 23.01.2017 в 18:53