Error "undefined is not an object" in plugin react-native iOS for MercadoPago? [closed]


The problem is that I need to call Mercado Pago from my application that is done in react-native, but I can not find the form.

I found one, but it's only for Android .

How can I integrate it, is there an Official SDK or MercadoPago Plugin?

To be able to give more information and to be able to make the response area smaller, try using the reac-native-mercadopago that they recommended me link but when calling the startCheckOut function

RNMercadopago.startCheckout(publicKey, prefId, null, false, (payment) => { this._success(payment)}, (error) => { this._failure(error) });

about a one-button call, I'm getting the following message

undefined is not an object (evaluating 'RNMercadopago.startCheckout)

This way I'm calling the reference:

import RNMercadopago from 'react-native-mercadopago';

I'm doing everything in the file index.ios.js greetings

asked by Claudio Gareca 26.01.2017 в 03:43

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