Does Eclipse still support Android development?


I am installing Eclipse neon, I am more web developer and Java, not Android, but the eclipse installer gives me the option to install eclipse to develop Android applications and I understood that it could not be done, I do not really develop apps on Android because Android Studio is too heavy, re-eclipse could change that.

asked by Ricardo Gabriel 24.12.2016 в 23:39

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NO , the support for the Eclipse plugin ended, for that reason you have the official IDE Android Studio . There will be no plugin updates.

In fact, if there is an adaptation to work, it is not official.


We announced that we were ending development and official support for   the Android Developer Tools (ADT) in Eclipse at the end of 2015,   including the Eclipse ADT plugin and Android Ant build system. With   the latest updates to Studio, we've completed the transition.

You could use the plugin but you would have to use ADT version 21, which is not compatible with new components, it would be a headache, without a doubt the option is to use Android Studio

@RicardoGabriel If the official site indicates that the official ID is Android Studio and also indicates that support for ADT is over, I think the option is undoubtedly to use Android Studio.

Even the Eclipse version for working with Android is not available:



Eclipse downloads - file unavailable


The selected file is invalid, or it is no longer available for   download


This happens when the file is part of a nightly or development build.   If so, please return to the project's home page and download a newer   version.

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