Can you delete a project that is uploaded to the play store, and replace it with another one with the same package name? [duplicate]


classmates, I have a small question. I have an application in the store play store, but due to the new update of android studio I came up with the idea of doing another project with the same name of the package and the same keyStore to see if I accept the updates. Is it possible? I will not have any problem? or will there be other additional things to do besides the name of the package ?. Help for plisss porfa

asked by Herson Viveros 07.10.2018 в 17:49

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Do not delete the app from the store. To update in the store you should only generate a new signed apk with a new version.

To upload the application version, just open app/build.gradle. and modify versionCode and versionName example:


versionCode 1 
versionName "1.0"


versionCode 101 
versionName "1.0.1"

If the version is not updated, the store will not allow uploading a new apk with an existing version.

answered by 07.10.2018 в 19:16