Use Git in local network, with several collaborators


I'm using Photon eclipse and I work on the eGit plugin for version control. Working individually I have no problem, but now I need other collaborators in the local network of the company can also access my repository to collaborate in the development, the questions are:

  • Should I set up or download something extra in Eclipse?
  • Can I control who enters to collaborate in the code?
  • I can not use online tools (hence I do not use Github)
  • The other collaborators are not IT professionals, so I need the changes to be made from the intuitive interface provided by the eclipse eGit plugin, not from a terminal.
asked by angelo1793 21.09.2018 в 20:00

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I tell you my experience: I had a similar problem in my work, which did not have control of the code versions (which made it difficult for the development area), to solve this problem it was investigated to implement a GIT server . which was very successful, however, our requirement was to create an environment of Continuous Development (As for example: manage work repositories from permissions and pull Requests, such as GITHUB).

The Git server gave us the base to develop this requirement, however it takes time ... For which we continue to research and find an Open Source tool called, GOGS . Tool developed in the GO language (Google), with the similar characteristics of a git server (GS), this tool is very similar to GITHUB and gives you the following:

  • User Management (For the prototype, SSH or HTTP)
  • Web and visual interface to manage the repositories
  • Pull Requests control
  • Management of WIKI (Documentation of repositories)
  • Incident handling in repositories
  • Handling Hooks
  • Among other things more ...

This tool helped us a lot ... I hope that you can implement it in your work environment (Just follow the instructions in the GOGS documentation. a>), and best of all is OPEN SOURCE.


answered by 21.09.2018 / 20:41