How to modify background image of a web app after having done deployment?


I did the deployment of a web app, and I realized that the background image that I put in the body makes it difficult to read the content, so I want to change it, and try to do the publish and rebuild again but it has not worked that way.

<body background="~/Content/fit-gif.gif">

fit-gif would be the new image or gif of back ground in the of _Layout.cshtml

asked by Bryan Romero 23.08.2018 в 16:05

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You have to use the style tag to add css.

background-image to grab a background image.

background-size: cover to assign a total size to the body.

<body style='background-image: url('~/Content/fit-gif.gif');background-size: cover;'>

Updated: % co_of absolute% is added

<body style='background-image: url(@Url.Content("~/Content/fit-gif.gif"));background-size: cover;'>
answered by 23.08.2018 / 16:14