How to extract an array from a JsonObject in php


How do I extract messages from this jsonobject with foreach or for? - PHP

$json = {"muestra":[{"mensaje1":"1-","mensaje2":"2-"},{"mensaje1":"3-","mensaje2":"4-"}]}
asked by JoelRomero 04.08.2018 в 17:03

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First you need to create the string, in this case just surround the value of the json with the single quotes.


Then pass the string to the function json_decode() which returns an object.


Finally, you pass the object to the% foreach ck.
The first key ( $jsonDecode->muestra ) is the container of the array.

foreach($jsonDecode->muestra as $item) {
    echo "Mensaje1 = {$item->mensaje1}<br>";
    echo "Mensaje2 = {$item->mensaje2}<br>";

Here you can see it working (External link)

answered by 04.08.2018 / 17:45