Using regex in Twitterrific, how do I mute all the tweets of a user that do not contain a link?


Of a user I am only interested in tweets that contain links, as they are articles or news, but not tweets with personal opinions or comments. Using regex I already have several rules, but I do not know how to "just pass tweets that contain a url".

To hide the tweets I do not want in Twitterrific, I use for example:

@usuario ::: ejemplo1

That user will mutate all tweets that contain " ejemplo1 ".

But the idea is to do it the other way around and with a link, that is, to pass only the tweets that contain "www" or "http" or even the word "via" present in all the tweets that contain a link.

asked by Miguel 22.04.2018 в 09:11

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To deny a regular expression, there is no direct form, but what is done is to match the beginning of the text ( \A ), as long as "it is not followed by a pattern". And for that, we use a negative inspection (or negative lookahead ), whose syntax is (?! ... ) .

So to match any text except those containing www , http or vía , it would be:

@usuario nombre de la regla :: (?s)\A(?!.*(?:www|http|v[ií]a))
answered by 22.04.2018 / 09:53