Problem installing Yii2 via Composer


I'm trying to install my application in Yii2 via Composer but when I'm going to execute the following command in windows cmd composer self-update I get the following error composer no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo, programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable

Any serious answer of much help, I remain pending thanks

asked by Sebastian Salazar 28.03.2018 в 03:22

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When working in the Windows environment, you need the environment variables to add the path where the composer bin is, as you can not find it, that's why you get the error


  • Right click on equipment
  • Properties
  • Advanced system configuration
  • Click on environment variables
  • Inside system variables look for the option that says Path
  • Add the following route

    C: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Roaming \ Composer \ vendor \ bin

    Adapt that equivalent path to your pc, close the cmd, reopen it, if there are no more details; write composer and you should return the composer commands and recognize the command


    Remember each route that you put in the system variable separates it by ; that is, after the last value that appears in that route, it places the; and paste the equivalent path to the one I put above

    answered by 28.03.2018 / 03:29